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For more than 40 years, Filmakers Library has been a leading source of outstanding films that support education in a range of disciplines, with a particular emphasis on global and multicultural perspectives.

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This groundbreaking film introduces viewers to men and women who have never experienced sexual attraction. In 2000, David Jay came out as asexual to his parents, a quality he accepts about himself. And David is not alone; studies show that as much as one percent of the population may be asexual. Living in a society obsessed with sex, how does one deal with life as an outsider?

...And the Earth Did Not Swallow Him

Brilliantly adapted from Tomás Rivera’s acclaimed novel y no se lo tragó la tierra, this is a haunting and powerful film about a young Mexican-American boy’s coming of age amid the poverty and adversity he and his family face as migrant farm workers in the 1950s. Twelve-year-old Marcos hides under a house, recalling the fragmented, painful memories of his family’s transient life the year before.

100 Years of Silence: The Germans in Namibia

One hundred years ago, the Herero people of Namibia were nearly exterminated by German colonial soldiers in what has become known as the first genocide of the 20th century. Herero men, women and children were rounded up like cattle and put into Germany's first ever concentration camps. Four years later, three-quarters of the entire Herero nation had perished at the hands of German colonialists.

1905: Year of Light: Einstein's Important Discovery

1905: Year of Light: Einstein's Important Discovery

E=MC2. Who really understands what lies behind Albert Einstein's famous formula? This fascinating documentary follows the development of his scientific ideas with great cinematic style.

30 Seconds of Gold: Advertising on Chinese TV

Once a year, about one hundred companies seeking dominant positions in China's booming economy, compete in an auction for television advertising time. They face off on CCTV, China's most watched (and only national) network, serving the 400 million television owners in China. The companies know they cannot afford to miss out on the make-or-break advertising slots.

731: Two Versions of Hell

731: Two Versions of Hell

This is a multi-award winning documentary about Unit 731, Japan's secret World War II biological and chemical weapons facility in the Chinese town of Harbin where biological weapons were developed during the Japanese Occupation. The film uses the same footage as seen from two points of view. The first half gives the perspective of the Chinese government and describes the horrors and atrocities that occurred during World War II at the facility.

7l West Broadway, Ground Zero, N.Y.

7l West Broadway, Ground Zero, N.Y.

Like thousands of New Yorkers who live downtown, the filmmaker Beverly Peterson witnessed close-up the horrific events of 9/11. Her first instinct was to grab her video camera in order to bear witness to the tragedy unfolding. Filming became a way of surviving the following months as she documented what was happening to her community.

99% Woman

In October, 1998, 45-year-old Benjy Nelson—former high school athlete and United States Air Force airman—had a sex-change operation. During his air force career, he began to dress as a woman—first at home, and then in public. For the last five years before his operation, Benjy dressed as a woman full-time.
A Bridge of Books

A Bridge of Books

In 1939, Yiddish was the spoken language of three-quarters of the world's Jews. But when leading Jewish scholars convened in 1980, they estimated that only 70,000 Yiddish books remained in the world.

A Bridge to Mars

A Bridge to Mars closes the gap between science fiction and the reality of landing humans on Mars. On their first mission to Mars, astronauts will travel to dangerous and uncharted territory some 100 million miles away and will live and work there for two years. In preparation for this groundbreaking journey, leading scientists from many disciplines come together in the Canadian High Arctic to study and plan.


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