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Microtraining has been part of the Alexander Street Press family since 2010. It was established in 1974 by Dr. Allen Ivey, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and the award-winning originator of the influential microcounseling framework and integrative theory.

Since its inception, Microtraining has fulfilled its mission of providing culturally sensitive, competency-based skills training in counseling and therapy. The company developed some of the profession's first videos focusing on multicultural issues. Microtraining provides an ever-expanding suite of videos designed to move the discipline toward a more culture-centered awareness and has broken ground in novel areas, including neuroscience and the brain. As the company expands into the full field of psychology expertise, offerings are growing to include videos in individual, group, and community counseling, counseling theory, research, and more.

#HoodiesUp2015: Bending Toward The Arc of Social Justice

In this video, filmed at the 32nd Annual Winter Roundtable on Cultural Psychology and Education, Joseph L. White and Thomas A. Parham discuss breaking the cycle of violence.

'It Only Heals When I Laugh!': Humor in Psychotherapy

In this program, author, professor, and counselor Dr. Paul Peluso discusses the use of humor in psychotherapy. He traces the link between humor as a method to express painful sentiments, as well as open new possibilities to clients.

(Re)Focusing Intersectionality: From Current Status to Origins and Promise

In this video, filmed at the 32nd Annual Winter Roundtable on Cultural Psychology and Education, Dr. Bonnie Moradi discusses intersectionality.

A Positive Approach with a Psychotic Couple

This young couple has been in therapy and in and out of the hospital for years. The husband was diagnosed as schizophrenic and the wife with schizo-affective disorder. Both are considered incurable and on permanent disability. The therapist brings them in hoping for some ideas of what to do with this difficult case. Haley takes the approach, which grew out of the ideas of Sullivan and Don Jackson, that the clients should be treated as if nothing is wrong except the social situation.

A Race Is a Nice Thing to Have


A video interview with Dr. Helms. She discusses her book A Race is a Nice Thing to Have (2nd ed.), and its ideas chapter by chapter. Ideal for all classes seeking to understand the place of Whiteness in counseling and therapy.



A Race Is a Nice Thing to Have

This classic book on race and racism, published by Microtraining Associates, is designed to help white people assume responsibility for ending racism, understand how racism impacts whites as well as others, analyze racism, and discover positive alternatives for living in a multicultural society. Many self-analysis exercises and instruments enrich the text.


A State of Emergency: Advocating for Transgender People of Color

This presentation, featuring Kevin L. Nadal, discusses how to best advocate for transgender people of color.

A.R.T. for Teens: Breaking the Silence - The Power of Active Witnessing

Packed with vignettes that showcase specific examples of direct and indirect oppression, this DVD is a must for all counselors who wish to teach teens to combat oppression. Young actors dramatically depict discrimination, prejudice, and harassment related to race, ethnic culture, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, appearance, ethnic accent, and age.

Includes leader guide.

Aging with Grace: Supporting Aging Among Older Adults

Successful aging is the study of the positive aspects of aging.  This is a relatively recent field of inquiry, often called aging well, healthy aging, or positive aging.


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