(un)veiled: Muslim Women Talk About Hijab

(un)veiled introduces the audience to ten Muslim women from various backgrounds who now live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in a discussion about hijab, the headscarf.

1st Melanesian Arts and Culture Festival

The 1st Melanesian Arts Festival gathering at Solomon Island.

2 Men of Fiji

The story of two men from the village of Lakeba, in the Lau group, who left their village for the city.

3rd Melanesian Arts & Culture Festival: Living Cultures, Living Traditions

The 3rd Melanesian Arts Festival was held in Suva, Fiji in 2006 and true to its objective captured and promoted the essence of arts, crafts and dances known to these countries.

4th Melanesian Arts & Culture Festival: Our Identity Lies Ahead of Us

The 4th Melanesian Arts & Cultural Festival was held in New Caledonia in 2010. The festival captured and promoted the essence of arts, crafts and dances from Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia.

A Baby Business

Adopting children from poor countries is becoming more and more popular. Pop stars and actors have made inter-country adoption trendy and the reduced fertility rate in the West leaves many families desperate to have a child. The pressure on the international adoption market is intense and the competition for the children is tough.

A Balinese Trance Seance & Jero on Jero: A Balinese Trance Seance Observed

In 1980, anthropologist Linda Connor and filmmakers Tim and Patsy Asch returned to Bali with video cassette recordings of A Balinese Trance Seance. Jero Tapakan, the spirit medium, was invited to view the footage.

A Bride for Barter?

Stuck between ancestral values and an ever changing modern world, the Huli people of Papua New Guinea find themselves struggling to maintain their tribal identity. An empathetic look at life's daily struggles.

A Caterpillar Moon

In the rainforest of Central Africa live the Aka pygmies, a tribe of traditional hunter-gatherers virtually untouched by the modern world. They are an engaging tribe where there are no rules, everyone is equal and everything is shared - including their meagre feast of caterpillars with the film crew.

A Choice in the Himalayas

In Digoli, a small village in the Indian Himalayas, "magical" rituals and arranged marriages remain a common part of the mountain culture. But with the arrival of mobile phones, the extension of the radio relay system, and the exodus of men to the cities, modernity has begun to exert its influence.


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