Asian Studies


This drama is directed by Ko Seok-Heui.

10 to 11

Living on the fourth floor of Emniyet Apartment Building, Mr. Mithat has, against all threats he has faced, managed to protect his collection, which he has been working on since years and that has left him with only a small space to live in. Any piece that he searches for to maintain the coherence of the collection could lead him anywhere in Istanbul. For Mr. Mithat, Istanbul is as unlimited as his collection. For Ali, Istanbul is limited with Emniyet Apartment Building and its surroundings.

3 Women

3 Women constitutes Iranian filmmaker Manijeh Hekmat's second feature film and focuses on the lives of three generations of women -- a grandmother, mother, and daughter -- all of whom struggle to come to grips with their past and their identity. Manoo -- a textile specialist who works tirelessly to protect antique rugs from being smuggled out of Iran -- is forced to drop everything when her elderly mother goes missing.

30 Seconds of Gold: Advertising on Chinese TV

Once a year, about one hundred companies seeking dominant positions in China's booming economy, compete in an auction for television advertising time. They face off on CCTV, China's most watched (and only national) network, serving the 400 million television owners in China. The companies know they cannot afford to miss out on the make-or-break advertising slots.

49th Day

This drama is directed by Kang Jina.

6 Hours

This drama was directed by Moon Seong-hyeok and features Min-yeong Chu, Kim Hyo-joo, and Hyo-jin Kim.

7 Blind Female Filmmakers

In Spring 2004, Mohd Shirvani decided to answer an old question in his mind - What should I do if I, as a film director, would become blind? I was wondering if I could keep making films. This film has been made by a number of blind women filmmakers to answer that question. I taught them how to narrate their own stories through film language with small digital cameras and they also taught me how to see the world with my third eye on my forehead.

731: Two Versions of Hell

731: Two Versions of Hell

This is a multi-award winning documentary about Unit 731, Japan's secret World War II biological and chemical weapons facility in the Chinese town of Harbin where biological weapons were developed during the Japanese Occupation. The film uses the same footage as seen from two points of view. The first half gives the perspective of the Chinese government and describes the horrors and atrocities that occurred during World War II at the facility.

A Boy Who Move Earth

A boy who helps a grandfather to run an herbal shop is wondering about the principal of the shop's balance. One day, he has a great idea that he can move the earth.

A Camel Doesn't Leave The Desert

Freshly released from prison, Young-kwang goes back to his hometown. During his absence, his mother has died and his family does not welcome his visit. With the money his mother left for him, he buys real estate, gets married to a widow and starts a fish-peddling business. However, both the anxiety from reentering society and doubt about the fidelity of his wife lead him to make an extreme choice.


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