Criminal Justice & Public Safety


More and more women are going to jail. A dramatic rise in the female prison population means women's prisons in Britain are becoming very overcrowded. This programme follows Reverend Jane, the dedicated prison chaplain, has to tread the fine line between punishment and forgiveness. She whistles wherever she goes to warn the women she is around so they can stop swearing before she arrives.

"Naughty Ladies"

Women are now just as likely as men to have committed violent crimes, ranging from murder to robbery, arson, and kidnap. This programme follows Jackie Webb, a prison guard at New Hall prison.

1st Amendment Jurisprudence & the Media

A panel covers the rules for cameras in the courtroom in the aftermath of the O.J. and Westerfield trials; the role of the newspaper reporter and how it is different from the eye of the camera; the impact on the criminal justice system after so many high profile trials, competing interests and issues; balancing the competing interests; and the balance test used in 1st Amendment Jurisprudence.

21st Century Stalking

In July 1999 fifty-year-old Gary Dellapenta became the first man in America to be imprisoned for cyberstalking. In 1998 Dellapenta fell in love with Brandi Barber, a woman half his age. When their romance ended, Dellapenta assumed a new internet identity and logged on as a young woman harbouring sado-masochistic rape fantasies. He posted Brandi Barber's address and phone number on bulletin boards and internet chat rooms - inviting men to come and knock on her door.

A Blow to the Mafia

In the tranquil hills of Sicily the Mafia have long held a stranglehold over the local communities, removing anyone who stands in their way. But the new generation have launched a fightback. The land around Corleone, the symbol of the Family's power, has been seized and this group of intrepid young people have volunteered to farm the land, putting themselves right in the criminals' crosshairs.

A Closer Look

This documentary, produced by Darcy Dennett, features Lisa Ling returning to the people featured on the past six episodes.

A Cold Case

A panel discussion about the background and history of the investigation; the victims; describes the circumstances relating to the murders, time, and place; describes who Federico Gonzalez was; the process that lead to the arrest of the defendant; the trial and description of the challenges of prosecuting a 20 year old murder; the role scientific evidence played in the conviction of Gonzalez; and the importance of bringing closure for the families of the victims, the police, prosecutor and so

A Cry For Life

The story of Loraine Whiting, who was shot in 1995 by her estranged husband Len Carter - who then killed himself.

A Deadly Secret

Follows Jan Ruston as she fights for justice by incriminating her former lover, Pavlos Georgiou, in the Cypriot courts. When their affair began, he had told her that he was still married, assuring her that his relationship with his dying wife was over, but not that the cause of the illness was AIDS. Jan unwittingly contracted HIV from him and developed full-blown AIDS.

A Death in the Family

A Death in the Family

A Death in the Family is an anatomy of what family members experience as they gather to say goodbye to their loved one, witness his execution, then bring his body back home to bury him.

During the long course of judicial appeals, the Bannister verdict had been regarded by many as a grave injustice. Jesse Jackson and Ed Asner had petitioned the Missouri governor for clemency. But Bannister's attorney felt that the Missouri attorney general was determined to "kill A.J.".


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