A Griot's Story

What is a griot? Historically, they are wandering African musicians considered to be a repository of the oral tradition. This film focuses on a master drummer, Adame Drama of Burkina Faso, a descendant of a long line of griots. He is a contemporary griot whose mission in life is to preserve his heritage and pass it on to the next generation.

A Sound Education:  The Young Violinists of South Central

A Sound Education: The Young Violinists of South Central

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star may not be the most sophisticated piece of music ever written. But hearing it played in concert by seventy very young, very dedicated violin students is wonderful indeed.


Amin is the story of an ancient musical tradition and one man's struggle to preserve it. It is told using a unique approach to documentary storytelling that challenges the boundaries of fiction and reality. Amin Aghaie is a young modern nomad from the south of Iran. He has dedicated his life to preserving, documenting and teaching the unique musical tradition of his people, the Qashqai tribe, a tradition on the verge of extinction.

Andrew & Wendy

57-year-old Andrew Schulman, a classical guitarist, had a near catastrophic reaction to a blood transfusion, which resulted in him being put into a medically induced coma. His conditioned worsened in the ICU and his doctors tried every medical solution to heal him, to no avail.

Billie Holiday

This musical pays a tribute to Billie Holiday with her twenty most beautiful songs. If Duke Ellington and Artie Shaw let her sing blues and love, Billy Holiday is also known for fighting against segregation and alcohol.


This joyous, upbeat film explodes with the color, music, and pride of Carnival in America's largest Caribbean community. Modeled after the one held "back home" in the islands, this has become an annual event in New York, bringing together Caribbean immigrants from virtually every island in the West Indies. It is filled with striking visual displays of costumed performers, infectious calypso music, steel bands, a mosaic of tropical food, and rocking and jumping crowds.

Choir of Young Believers

In June 2009 The Danish National Chamber Orchestra invited the acclaimed indie rock band Choir of Young Believers to join forces in an interpretation of the band's award-winning European debut album. Two sold-out concerts resulted in this extraordinary concert film.

Chopin's Afterlife

Chopin's Afterlife

The filmmaker of Chopin's Afterlife is a pianist who explores the ways Chopin's music seems to connect people everywhere. The director, Ophra Yerushalmi, for whom Chopin has been a constant source of inspiration, is joined by musicians and non-musicians, dancers, poets and visual artists. They are young and old, masters and students, all with special affinity to the composer. Together they investigate different layers hidden under the seeming simplicity of the music and its sheer beauty.


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