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17th Of August

On a remote island in Northern Russia Boris is serving a life sentence for triple murder. He is one of the first to do so in post-Soviet Russia after the death penalty was abolished in 1993. This unsettling documentary brings us inside, not only Boris' dark, cold, claustrophobic cell but also the hidden recesses of his mind.

2012 State of the Union Address: Enhanced Version

President Obama delivers the 2012 State of the Union Address to Congress and the nation.


This guerrilla-style documentary follows the notorious Israeli 5250 squad in action as they target foreign workers for deportation.

645 Wellington

A stone's throw from downtown Montreal, quirky artists, blue-collar workers and unconventional families are being forced to leave their old neighbourhood as high-tech firms move in. Like in so many other cities, the tech companies arrive with the promise of a rosy future--but it's one built on demolitions, evictions and the conversion of low-rent property to high-priced condos.

A Blooming Business

In this documentary by Ton van Zantvoort, the business of roses is explored. On the shores of lake Naivasha in Kenya, flower farms have enslaved the locals, poisoned the fish and dried out the land. As we follow the lives of a few brave flower workers, the true cost of the world flower industry unfolds.

A Call for Repairs?

The panelists on this program discuss the U.S. constitution and making changes to the U.S. constitution.

A Cowboy's Story

This is the extraordinary story of the struggle for survival among dairy farmers in Latin America. Javier Aguayo has a small herd of cows in Guayas, a lowland area of Ecuador. He is up at the crack of dawn on his horse rounding up his animals for milking. It's a tough life. The hours are long, transport is a problem, his customers often want their deliveries very early and often a lot of milk is left over.

A Cure for Poverty?

Vaccines are one of the greatest medical successes of the last 100 years. Three quarters of the 130 million babies born every year are now immunized against diseases which in the past could well have killed them. Vaccines mean we live in a much healthier world, where fewer children die or become economic burdens on their families. For every dollar spent on vaccines, it's estimated $27 dollars is saved in treatment.

A Dangerous Game

A Dangerous Game is the incendiary documentary that reveals the eco-impact of luxury golf resorts around the world and their contribution to global drought. Featuring exclusive interviews with Alec Baldwin, Robert Kennedy Jr.

A Decisive Moment

This video features the often dramatic climaxes of American presidential elections since 1948. One question often asked by people with an interest in politics is whether US presidential elections always have a Decisive Moment, a statement, a mistake, or an event that decides the race and puts one of the two candidates into the most powerful office in the world. This video analyzes all of the presidential political campaigns from Harry S. Truman through George H.W.


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