A Brooklyn Family Tale

A Brooklyn Family Tale

This powerful documentary follows two generations of the Santiago family of Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Twenty years ago at about the same time that "Cisco" and "Stingray" Santiago became leaders of the notorious Assassinaters gang, Sister Mary Paul and Sister Geraldine, started a unique social service agency called The Center for Family Life. These unusual nuns had the radical yet simple idea that they could strengthen this troubled community by supporting families like the Santiagos.

A Death in the Family

A Death in the Family

A Death in the Family is an anatomy of what family members experience as they gather to say goodbye to their loved one, witness his execution, then bring his body back home to bury him.

During the long course of judicial appeals, the Bannister verdict had been regarded by many as a grave injustice. Jesse Jackson and Ed Asner had petitioned the Missouri governor for clemency. But Bannister's attorney felt that the Missouri attorney general was determined to "kill A.J.".


Adelante showcases an Irish Catholic church on the outskirts of Philadelphia that is attracting the patronage of Mexican immigrants in the area.  With a personal glimpse at the lives of the vibrant community members - a remarkable Irish American priest, young Mexican immigrants, and older Irish parishioners - the film shows how churchgoers from various backgrounds have forged meaningful and heartfelt bonds of friendship and understanding.

All of Us

This unique documentary goes beyond the statistics of the AIDS epidemic among black women. It is a deeply personal exploration of the bedroom politics that make black women, and in fact all women, especially vulnerable to infection.

Amish Riddle

This fascinating film on the Amish in Pennsylvania shows a dynamic people, who, contrary to popular belief, are not relics frozen in time. Through gentle modification of their rules they are able to prosper in commercial enterprises. While they shun modern conveniences that may pull the community apart, they are permitted to use them in their businesses.

An Introduction to Qualitative Research

An overview of conducting qualitative research in the Health and Social Sciences. This comprehensive video features essential components and concepts of qualitative data inquiry including history, data collection methods, types of analyses, key features of qualitative research, comparing qualitative and quantitative research, writing a research report, and ethics.

An Introduction to Quantitative Research

This video provides an introduction to components and concepts in quantitative research in the Health and Social Sciences. Topics covered include an introduction to quantitative research, data collection methods, experimental design, types of analyses, writing a research report and ethics. The video is geared towards anyone interested in developing an understanding of quantitative designs and key concepts.

And Then There Were Four

And Then There Were Four

The incidence of grandparents raising their grandchildren as primary caregivers has increased 30 percent since 2000. This film depicts such a situation as we see the daily life of a frail 77- year-old grandmother who is raising four grandsons aged 5-8. The children are from an interracial marriage and neither parent is involved in their care. They had been parceled out to foster homes and the grandmother wanted to keep them together.

At Home in the World

At Home in the World is an intimate depiction of the everyday lives of five refugee children at a Danish Red Cross asylum school.

At Your Service

This entertaining video takes a look at attitudes towards service in four western countries: England, France, Canada, and the US. It gives a historical perspective, taking into account how service is affected by class and culture. In Britain today, almost as a rebellion against the former class system, the service sector is at odds with the public. Sales help and waiters are indifferent to the needs of customers.


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