Women's Studies

! Women Art Revolution


An entertaining and revelatory 'secret history' of Feminist Art, !Women Art Revolution deftly illuminates this under-explored movement through conversations, observations, archival footage and works of visionary artists, historians, curators and critics.

9 to 5 No Longer

A demographic change is affecting all Americans wherever they work and live: the rise of the flexible workforce. The global economy, increasing numbers of two-income families and the need for businesses to retain talent both in the executive suite and among low-paid workers are all having an impact on the way we work. This documentary, hosted by Bonnie Erbe, explores the latest innovations in workplace flexibility.

A Balloon for Allah

A Balloon for Allah questions the role of women in today's Islamic belief and looks into the historic development of the religion. As a child, Norwegian-Turkish filmmaker Nefise, sent balloon letters to Allah. In them, she put all her concerns and thoughts in the hope of finding replies to all the questions she could not answer herself. Still looking for answers, she now sets out on a journey to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding Islam.

A Changing Heart

Fifty years ago, most marriages in Japan were arranged by parents and matchmakers (Nakodo). Arranged (Omiai) marriages were possible only within a culture of obedience. Obedient sons and daughters chose to do what their parents wanted them to do, the needs of society being more important than the needs of the individual. Today, Omiai marriages are relatively rare, but they continue to occur among people who are concerned with inherited property and titles.

A Choice in the Himalayas

In Digoli, a small village in the Indian Himalayas, "magical" rituals and arranged marriages remain a common part of the mountain culture. But with the arrival of mobile phones, the extension of the radio relay system, and the exodus of men to the cities, modernity has begun to exert its influence.

A Closer Look

This documentary, produced by Darcy Dennett, features Lisa Ling returning to the people featured on the past six episodes.

A Country for My Daughter

Reducing sexual violence in South Africa sometimes seems an uphill battle against massive odds. But inspiring court battles that empower women and gender activists show how personal experience of horrific trauma have finally begun to change the way the law is applied. The film is filled with brave and moving appearances by victims, and demonstrations of public outrage.

A Girl's Life with Rachel Simmons

Researcher and author Rachel Simmons examines the challenges facing young women as they surf the waves of 21st century adolescence. Simmons interviews parents, psychologists, teachers, and social workers who are helping nurture girls into capable, resilient adults. She also talks with four very special girls who tell their own deeply personal tales of dealing with issues like cyber bullying, body image, and violence.

A Little for My Heart and A Little for My God

A Little for My Heart and A Little for My God

Since in Algeria most women traditionally are not allowed to mix with men, female orchestras customarily entertain gatherings of women. When they play, women remove their veils and dance, away from the view of men. All summer long one can hear music from roof terraces and walled gardens as women celebrate engagements, weddings and the circumcision of their sons.

A Love Apart

A Love Apart

This beautifully filmed documentary was shot in Niger, in the barren landscape of the desert, where a nomadic tribe, the Tuareg, keep their traditional ways. A charismatic teenager, Rhaissa, is about to marry a man she has never met. She learns from her girlfriend Fatima that her husband-to-be is not very handsome nor has an abundance of "ashek" or pride. But Rhaissa only giggles for she is resigned to her fate.


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