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Documentary and Independent Filmmakers

Filmakers Library has been acquiring and distributing non-fiction documentaries and independent films to the humanities and social sciences education market for nearly 40 years. As an imprint of Alexander Street, the company can now offer state-of-the-art streaming video delivery as through the Academic Video Online platform on top of our traditional DVD sales. Newly acquired titles are made available in editorially curated, discipline-specific collections, in cross-disciplinary collections and packages, and as individual titles through the Academic Video Store.

Alexander Street Press's delivery platform gives you the broadest possible dissemination for your film, generates an additional revenue stream for your work, and makes it possible for educational users at subscribing institutions to access your titles 24/7—whenever they want to watch, wherever they are—on any computer or mobile device with a high-speed internet connection.

Our strongest customers are the college/university, library, community group, and health markets. We market throughout the United States by email, direct mail, sales calls, telemarketing, and social media. A network of regional sales representatives provides personal sales calls to school systems and major buyers throughout the United States. Alexander Street's global sales force and distribution network further extends our marketing and sales reach.

Some of the internationally known producers with whom we have developed long-term relationships are: The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, The National Film Board of Canada, KCTS/Seattle and others. In addition to US independents, producers from Australia, Great Britain, Canada, France, Denmark, and the Netherlands are represented in our collections.

Maintaining good relations with filmmakers is very high on our agenda. We are responsive to the ideas of producers in creating promotional material and marketing strategies.

Our twice-yearly catalog, highly regarded by educators for its clarity and interesting offerings, is distributed to more than 30,000 educators. We supplement this with brochures on focused subjects, such as anthropology, global issues, multiculturalism, women's studies, psychology, and social issues.

Festivals and Conferences: New releases are entered in the most important and appropriate film and video festivals and programmed at educational conferences. At many of these events, Filmakers Library representatives are in attendance at an exhibition booth.

Press and Publicity: We arrange for timely press coverage and copies for review to all appropriate publications. We also prepare press releases to solicit additional press exposure.

Promotional Campaigns: We work with each filmmaker to craft the best possible marketing plan for your film. Typical campaigns include a mix of email, social media, advertising, and direct mail promotions.

Filmakers Library is overseen by director Andrea Traubner. If you have a new film and you are looking for DVD and/or online distribution to the educational market, we encourage you to send us an email describing your project at If your work sounds like it would fit our acquisition needs, we will request a copy of the film for evaluation.


Counseling and Therapy Practitioners/Training Video Providers

The leading provider of videos and books focused on multicultural and competency-based counselor and therapist education, Microtraining Associates has been producing and distributing films to support the training of counselors and therapists since 1974. As an imprint of Alexander Street Press, we have expanded our video acquisition and distribution efforts to include online delivery via the Academic Video Online platform.

Microtraining video titles are available online through Alexander Street's Counseling and Therapy in Video (Volumes I, II, and III) or The Video Journal of Counseling and Therapy, and as individual titles via the Academic Video Store.

Microtraining Associates is overseen by counseling editor Taney Shondel. If you are a counselor, therapist, or scholar interested in proposing a video project, please email her at



Alexander Street Press is pleased to act as an online distributor of educational video to the education market. We work with hundreds of leading video providers and distributors as well as individual filmmakers to deliver educational video to libraries and educational institutions worldwide through our Academic Video Online platform.

Online delivery through our secure, IP-authenticated platform ensures that your films will get the widest possible exposure and use without risk of piracy. Include your video titles in one of our disciple-specific collections to achieve better dissemination of your film to faculty and courses in higher education. Availability via our Academic Video Store gives you an additional revenue stream and even greater exposure by making it possible for libraries, faculty, instructors, and their classes to get online access to your film without subscribing a larger, more expensive collection.

For more information or to submit your work for consideration, please email us details about your film at

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