Black Journal 1969 Part 1

Black Journal #8, 1969.01 1. The outlook for 1969 vis -a-vis Black Americans, particularly in the areas of economics, politics, and community control. Participants on the program included panelists listed in program #7 plus filmed interviews with publisher Carlton Goodlett, Ron Karenga, actor James Brown, political scientist Dr. Charles Hamilton, religious leaders Rev. Albert Cleague and Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. 2. Exclusive interview with Judge William Booth, former commissioner of Human Rights Commission of the city of NY.Black Journal #9, 1969.02 1. A look at Harlem's Apollo Theatre where many Black stars have launched their careers after appearing on the Apollo Theatre's Amateur Hour. 2. Afro-American styles. 3. Interview with Judge William Booth, former chairman of the Human Rights Commission of New York City. 4. Crisis in Medicine - an examination of the need for more medical care in the ghettos of America. This extensive study was originated by Lou House, a board member of the Council of Bio-Medical Careers in Chicago. 5. A tribute to Malcolm X - including an interview with his widow, Sister Betty Shabazz. Black Journal #10, 1969.03 1. This program features two filmed segments dealing with Black politics and community health and welfare in the South today. 2. A tribute to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. 3. A look at the Schomberg collection in New York.Black Journal #11, 1969.04 1. A look at the Black cultural achievements in the South. This segment looks at modern dance group at North Carolina College, an improvised drama by the Dashiki Theatre in New Orleans, an art class under Dr. John Biggers at Texas Southern University; and music compositions of Roger Dickerson in New Orleans. 2. Black economics in the South; visits Black Journal Atlanta and New Orleans, also as well as rural areas to report on the Crawfordville enterprises and the East Georgia Farmer's Co-operatives. 3. A tribute to Paul Robeson.Black Journal #12, 1969.05 1. A tribute to Malcolm X (replay). 2. A report from Cornell University regarding Black students' movements. Also Black student movements in the South. 3. An executive interview with Clifford Alexander, former chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, with reporters James Booker and Robert Maynard. 4. Just Like You - an original poem with film by Osborne Smith.Black Journal #13, 1969.06 Review of the past year: Black Panthers (Repeat Huey Newton from Program #1 6/12/68).Black Journal #14, 1969.07 Black Culture: Percival Borde, Eleo Pomare, Review of past programs Dance, Deep SouthBlack Journal #15, 1969.08 South AfricaBlack Journal #16, 1969.09 Pan African Cultural Festival in Algeria, Interviews with Cleaver & CarmichaelBlack Journal #17, 1969.10 Comedy skit, Black politics, Nina SimoneBlack Journal #18, 1969.11 Malcolm X, Liberation University, Music - Black producers -Tom Wilson, Walter Bishop, Del Shields, Record business - Motown Records, Athletes on racismBlack Journal #19, 1969.12 Charles Hamilton comments on the past decade, Two Black Panthers Slain (Panel discussion including Masai Hewitt, Minister of Education - (also Program #25 - 6/60)."And Still We Survive" a film about the events of the 1960's, Roberta Flack, Nikki Giovanni

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