Born to Be Good

Moral Development in Children

In laboratories around the world, psychologists are grappling with the age-old question of morality: do we come into the world as amoral creatures without any sense of right and wrong, without any conscience and only learn to be "good'?

The past 30 years have brought about a revolution in our understanding of babies. New techniques have allowed psychologists to decipher what babies think and have provided greater insight into the complexity of even the youngest infant's mind. The film highlights three-month-olds demonstrating a preference for "good guys" over "bad guys," six-month-olds proving they understand the concepts of reward and punishment, and nine-month-olds demonstrating a sense of justice and fairness. It also includes interviews with the researchers leading the field in these discoveries.

Blending scientific research and scenes of children playing in their own environments, Born to be Good? indicates that children seem to have a moral sense from the very beginning, a lesson with rich practical applications.


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