Christine and Paul

A Journey With Alzheimer's Disease

Christine, a 46-year-old mother of three, with a distinguished career in science, was diagnosed with Alzheimer¹s disease. Recently divorced from an abusive husband, the news sent her into a tailspin, and was emotionally devastating for her daughters, as well. Three years after her diagnosis, she met Paul Bryden, a former diplomat. Despite her diagnosis, they fell in love and married; two super achievers, with one embarking on an inevitable journey of decline.

Faced with the prospect of cognitive degeneration, Christine charted the "progress" of her disease. Most dramatically, she faced the question, "Who am I?" as her memory and cognitive function decline. Hers was an emotional and spiritual journey, accompanied by Paul, a loving and supportive husband.

Christine¹s book, I Am Who I Am, has attracted world wide attention. In it she asserts that people with dementia still have an emotional life, and have an identity. Her insights have contributed to a "person-centered-care" movement in which the patient, not the care giver, has final say over treatment. Ten years after her diagnosis she is still articulate and inspirational, having lectured world wide and completed two books based on her own experience. The relationship that evolved with her husband Paul has served as a new model of care giving that preserves a maximum of dignity.

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"Highly Recommended. Should be in every college or university program dealing with the subject of Alzheimer's Disease and dementia." Educational Media Reviews Online

Christine and Paul


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