Expressive Arts with Adolescents

This film provides an accessible and practical overview of four major expressive art therapy disciplines—sand, music, play, and art—for clinicians to utilize with adolescents in psychotherapy, as well as the step-by-step process to competently incorporate expressive art interventions with adolescents into clinical practice.

The first part of the film highlights four central expressive arts therapies —art or drawings, play therapy, sandplay, and music—including their definitions, research support, & step-by-step instructions for implementation.  Next, the film covers the importance of clinicians seeking additional training and credentialing in the specific expressive art therapy areas as well as importance of ethical adherence and competence when integrating various expressive media into play-based psychotherapy with teenagers. The second half of the film contains several clinical sessions with MacKenzie and Angel, both adolescents, who are engaged in various expressive art interventions.

In the sessions, Dr. Green demonstrates the importance for a warm therapeutic relationship, self-expression, developmentally-appropriate symbolic communication, and imaginative freedom. In the last section, Dr. Green addresses cross-disciplinary core-competency issues for those clinicians wanting to specialize in one or more of the expressive arts.




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