Faded: Girls and Binge Drinking (edited)

Straight from the trenches, Faded navigates the stormy seas of four girls battling the heartbreak and confusion of growing up under the allure of a booze culture.

The film profiles four young women, ages 14-22, and their struggles with binge drinking. With the eye of a reporter, the curiosity of an anthropologist and the sometimes wounded heart of a teenager, award-winning filmmaker McIntyre launches a five-year mission, embedding herself in these girls’ lives. From high school classrooms to underground college parties, from roller derby rinks to erotic bakeries, the filmmaker explores the vibrant, dynamic and scary life of a 21st century girl.

A 60-minute uncensored version of the film is available upon request. The full-length version contains strong language and adult scenarios that may not be suitable for all audiences.


Official Selection, Portland Oregon Women's Film Festival
Official Selection, 35th Northwest Filmmakers Festival


“Like Lauren Greenfield’s disturbing documentary Thin, McIntyre’s film is hard to shake off...it feels terribly important."
- Nick Bruno, NW Film Center

“Heartbreaking, disturbing, powerful...”
-The Oregonian

“Mothers, daughters, women of all ages should see this film.”
- Graciela Rogerio, WABC-TV News

Poignant and unflinching, Faded: Girls + Binge Drinking chronicles four girls battling the confusion of growing up under the allure of a booze culture. From high school classrooms to abandoned rooftops, McIntyre explores the complicated world of what it’s REALLY like being a girl.
“A stark snapshot of a multi-layered problem many dismiss as youthful revelry...”
- Willamette Week


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