Faith Even to The Fire

Nuns for Social Justice

This landmark documentary is the first to depict contemporary U.S. nuns in "action", living out a mission of social justice, even when it brings them into conflict with the established Catholic church. It follows the stories of three nuns: Rosa Martha Zarate, a Mexican sister who works and organizes Latinos in San Bernardino, CA.; Sister Judy Vaughan in Chicago, an Irish American nun whose pro-choice stand almost got her expelled from her religious order; and Sister Marie de Pores Taylor, an African-American nun who is a community and political activist in Oakland, CA.

The sisters speak out about racism, sexism and classism within the church - what they've done and still do to combat it, and how such biases affect the people they serve. They sisters describe the great inspiration they each took from the teachings of Vatican II (1962-65), as well as the powerful inspiration they inherited from the civil rights, farmworkers and women's movements.

We see the sisters in their respective communities, following the dictates of personal conscience. In the words of Maxwell Anderson's Joan of Arc, they keep their faith "...even to the fire."


Silver Apple, National Educational Film & Video Festival, 1993
National Association of Women's Studies, 1993


"Thorny issues surface in this intriguing documentary." - Booklist

Faith Even to The Fire


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