Flight from Death: The Quest for Immortality

Flight from Death is a comprehensive investigation of humankind’s relationship with death. Hailed by many viewers as a “life-transformational film,” it uncovers how death anxiety forms a possible root cause of many of humans’ psychological, spiritual, and cultural behaviors.  

Following the work of the late cultural anthropologist Ernest Becker, the film explores the ongoing research of a group of social psychologists that have conducted more than 300 laboratory studies to substantiate Becker’s claim that death anxiety is a primary motivator of human behavior, specifically aggression and violence.

Flight from Death features prominent scholars, authors, philosophers, and researchers including Sam Keen, Robert Jay Lifton, Irvin Yalom, and Sheldon Solomon. This beautifully filmed piece is at once profound and entertaining.



Silver Lake Film Festival, Best Documentary, 2007
Malibu Film Festival, Best Documentary, 2007
Northern Lights Documentary Film Festival, Best Documentary, 2007
Northwest Film Forum, Best Documentary, 2007
Rhode Island International Film Festival - Best Documentary, 2007
Beverly Hills Film Festival, Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary, 2007
Ohio Independent Film Festival, Best Documentary, 2007

“Not only thought-provoking but also entertaining and put together with a lot of class.” Eric Campos, Film Threat  

“A stimulating, ultimately life-affirming film, filled with big ideas and revelatory footage." Jeff Shannon, Seattle Times


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