Growing Up and Liking It

The Menstruation Myth

The monthly menstruation cycle, that natural occurrence which from time immemorial has made women the object of taboo and superstition, is the subject of this fresh and often humorous film. It introduces women of varying ages and cultural backgrounds who share the vivid and often disturbing memories of coming of age. A young Jewish woman recollects being slapped sharply across the face and then kissed to celebrate her womanhood. An East Indian tells how her mother had to take a cold shower in the middle of winter to purify herself. A far cry from the prim sex education manuals that the film gently mocks, it will touch deeply buried chords of memory in most women who see it. Growing Up and Liking It will interest husbands, boyfriends, and brothers who, one way or another, are affected by the vagaries of the female cycle.

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City Lore Film Festival, 1993
National Women's Studies Conference, 1992


"The women's vivacious honesty as they intimately discuss something all females relate to makes this an especially provocative production lightened by humorous moments."


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