Land of the Morning Star

The Turbulent History of West Papua

For centuries, the world has jostled for control of the land now known as West Papua, a rugged, isolated region, with its abundant natural resources and strategic position. The first outside contact was with the Muslims of Malacca, who came in search of slaves and the prized feathers of the bird of paradise. They were followed by European spice traders. By the mid 1800's, The Dutch had secured their claim. During World War II, the sleepy outpost became a massive US military base. By the 60's President Sukarno had made the area the 26th province of Indonesia. All efforts for independence have failed and the indigenous Melanesian people are about to become a minority in their own land.

Through eyewitness accounts and rare archival film, this fascinating documentary paints a picture of colonial ambitions, cold war sellouts and fervent nationalism. It introduces westerners to a little known part of the world that will doubtlessly play a part in the unsettled geopolitics of Indonesia and the rest of Asia.


Telluride Mountain Film Festival, 2004


"Highly Recommended. This is a very engaging film: the technical aspects were well done and the content is both informative and thought-provoking." Jessica Schemberg, Minnesota State University, Mankato, Educational Media Reviews on Line

Land of the Morning Star


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