Match Made

Marriage customs reveal much about the economic and social structure of a country. This documentary, filmed in Ho Chi Minh City, chronicles the search of an awkward 38-year-old Singaporean for a young, beautiful Vietnamese bride, with the help of a marriage broker. Ricky, the bachelor, sits in a modest hotel room, self consciously assessing the shy young women who present themselves as candidates for marriage. Communication is accomplished with the help of a translator since Ricky speaks only Chinese and the girls speak Vietnamese.

The young women still in the running are subjected to medical examinations to insure they are disease free and virgins. The marriage brokers are well versed in arranging introductions, quick picture perfect weddings, travel documents, and payments to the bride's family. Ricky selects the beautiful, 20-year-old, Nhanh after assuring himself that she will take care of his ailing mother.

The film follows the couple as they purchase rings and clothes for the wedding. The marriage is accomplished within three days of the meeting. While her travel documents are being processed Nhanh says goodbye to her family in their dusty village. Then she heads for her new life in high-rise Singapore, with hopes of fulfilling her duties as a good daughter-in-law, along with the uncertainty of her new future.


Cinema du Reel, 2007
Vienna International Film Festival, 2006
San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, 2006


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