Moving Mountains: The Story of The Yiu Mien

This film is an intimate and caring look at the Yiu Mien, Southeast Asian refugees who originally settled in the Pacific Northwest. In their ancient society in the mountains of Laos, this hill tribe had no electricity, cars, or any other twentieth century technology. Their involvement with the CIA during the Vietnam War forced the Mien to lose their homeland. Coming here, they were catapulted from one century into another.

Moving Mountains dramatically portrays a people caught between two worlds. Through the words of the elders and rare archival footage of the Mien in their mountain homeland, their ancient culture is brought to light. Moving Mountains vividly portrays the complex realities of adapting to American life with its shopping malls, freeways, and apartment living .


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Association for Asian Studies, 1992
Silver Apple, National Educational Film & Video Festival, 1991
Blue Ribbon, American Film & Video Festival, 1990


"Recommended." - Landers Film & Video Reviews
"Excellent and informative." - AFVA Evaluations
"The showing of well-edited contrasts between mountain village life and scenes in the U.S. clarifies the shock of cultural assimilation." - Choice

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