On My Own

“I rather have a dead father than a father who is alive and doesn't talk to me."
On My Own is an eye-opening documentary that shatters the stigma of single motherhood. Sweeping through the black experience in America, On My Own’s comprehensive attitude is a refreshing breeze that cools the heated, and often unproductive, discourse of black family life in America. Through conversations with single mothers, fathers, community leaders and family experts, the documentary offers another facade to the one-sided image of single motherhood.

Best Feature Documentary, Big Mini Media Festival, 2014

Official Selection, 2014 African American Women in Cinema Film Festival

Official Selection, 2014 Chain NYC Film Festival

"Rachel Miller-Bradshaw is a force to be reckoned with! When it comes to social issues, Rachel thinks outside the box and her powerful documentary bears witness to that. Her film is not the same old "baby mama drama" mumbo jumbo-Bradshaw asks tough questions and gets fascinating answers. If you want to understandthe epidemic of unwed mothers - and the father's who leave them - this is Must-See TV." - Cheryl Wills, TWC NY 1 Television anchor
"On My Own is a well researched, balanced and hope-filled exploration of an issue that has long undermined and severely damaged Black families in America.  It  understands and cares about the woman who find themselves raising their families on their own; at the same time, it delves into the complex and varied reasons why Black fathers are so frequently absent from the home, and it does it all without castigating either side.  The film places the phenomenon in an historical context, focuses on the social, moral and interpersonal forces that have long interacted to the detriment of Black families, and leaves the viewer with a sense that with compassion, faith and determination, the problem can eventually be resolved." - George Flowers, Journalist
"Rachel has such a sensitive touch with this subject matter that it was clear her film presented multiple sides of this critical issue in such a brave new light." - Nicole Franklin , Filmmaker, CEO of Epiphany Films



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