No Tomorrow

A Unique Exploration of the Death Penalty

No Tomorrow focuses on the murder of Risa Bejarano, the principal subject of Aging Out, an earlier film about teenagers leaving foster care. No Tomorrow explores how Aging Out unexpectedly documented the last year of Risa's life, and became the centerpiece of a chilling homicide investigation and death penalty trial. Juan Jose Chavez went on trial in 2007, in Los Angeles Superior Court in front of Judge Lance Ito, who had become famous for presiding over the O.J. Simpson trial. In one of the trial's most dramatic moments, the district attorney showed Aging Out in order to humanize the victim and convince the jury to impose the death penalty.

While the trial focuses on whether Risa's murderer deserves to die, several leading death penalty experts address the broader question of whether the state should be empowered to kill him. Ultimately, the unique film-within-a-film perspective of No Tomorrow takes viewers inside a suspenseful death penalty trial and challenges beliefs about capital punishment.


Cinequest Film Festival, 2010
Atlanta Film Festival, 2010
New Jersey International Film Festival, 2010
Breckenridge Festival of Film, 2010
Film Society of Lincoln Center's Independents Night, 2010
Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2010
Kansas City Film Festival. 2010
Arizona International Film Festival, 2010
Human Rights Film Festival, 2010
Hamptons International Film Festival, 2010

and many others


"This excellent documentary film makes a case against the death penalty--not just as is usually done, by choosing easy cases of injustice, but rather by focusing on a case in which the murder victim is sympathetic and the defendant almost certainly guilty.That the film is still able to make a strong, non-polemic case against the death penalty makes it particularly effective..." Ken Roth, Exec. Dir., Human Rights Watch

"Terrific. Riveting. Very thoughtful. Really lays out the death penalty issue comprehensively..." Barry Sheck, Co-Founder/Co-Director, The Innocence Project

"The breadth of coexisiting intellectual and emotional arguments asks that the audience not immediately respond to the case but that they try to understand and challenge their own thinking. And they will. It is impossible to watch No Tomorrow and not feel provoked in the best, most refreshing way possible." - Isabel Balazs, Film Society of Lincoln Center


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