Ralph Bunche: An American Odyssey

This is the compelling story of Dr. Ralph Johnson Bunche (1903-1971), the legendary African-American scholar turned statesman, who was the first person of color to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1950. The film reexamines the pioneering contributions Bunche made to international diplomacy, the decolonization of the world, peacekeeping, and human rights in pre-civil rights America.
Bunche is considered by many to be the first black American to have "crossed over" into the American mainstream, in a field other than sports and entertainment. He rose to become Under-Secretary General of the U.N., the second most influential position in the U.N. During the two tumultuous Cold War decades that followed World War II, he became a national icon in America and a worldwide celebrity. The film reveals the little-known but critical role Bunche played in drafting those sections of the U.N. charter that would eventually lead to the independence of most of the colonial world. He was also successful in mediating, in 1949, a series of armistice agreements between the new nation of Israel and its four Arab neighbors, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Newsreel footage, archival photographs, narration and exclusive interviews with family, friends, colleagues, scholars and historians are artistically used to tell Bunche's story.
The documentary is based on the biography by Sir Brian Urquhart.

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Newark Black Filmmakers Festival, 2002
Doubletake Film Festival, 2002
Gold Award, WorldFest Houston, 2001
Sundance Film Festival, 2001


"Highly recommended for public and academic collections... especially for International Studies, Political science, History, and Multicultural Studies programs." MCJournal: The Journal of Academic Media Librarianship

"ā€¦informative look at a great man should find an appreciative audience in larger public and college libraries. Recommended." Video Librarian

"Dr. BuncheĀ¹s life, in the hands of Greaves and Urquhart, makes a compelling story and brings long overdue attention to a major historical figure. A highly recommended purchase for high school and public libraries." Library Journal


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