Requiem for Syrian Refugees

This wrenching documentary, shot in Iraq, less than one hundred miles from ISIS-controlled territory, shows an unprecedented in-depth perspective on the daily lives and feelings of refugees.  The film features compelling candid testimonies of Syrian refugees who wish to convey their situation to the world with a sense of growing urgency.

Scored to Gabriel Faure’s Requiem, the documentary is an unflinching portrait of the dire conditions and anxiety faced by refugees, as well as a celebration of the human spirit facing adversity.  Despite the bleak plight of the refugees, this is a film of hope.  This is a film of tremendous suffering and even greater courage, and a universal reminder of the civilian toll and trauma of modern warfare.  


Requiem for Syrian Refugees is an artistic statement against overwhelming indifference to the suffering of millions, and a non-partisan call for humanity and compassion.  



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