Rosevelt's America

A Refugee's Inspiring Journey to Build a New Life for His Family

After being tortured and narrowly escaping execution during Liberia's civil war, Rosevelt Henderson makes his way to America to start his life over again in a strange country. He brings his three children with him but is forced to leave his pregnant wife behind. Although Rosevelt was trained as a civil engineer, he doesn¹t hesitate to work day and night as a janitor, airport van driver, and assembly line worker in order to support his family. Eventually his perseverance pays off, and he is reunited with his wife who quickly gets a job as a nurse¹s aide. After years of struggle and deprivation, Rosevelt and his family are finally able to enjoy the prosperity and freedom that drew them to this country.


Bronze Plaque, Columbus International Film and Video Festival, 2005
Top Award, Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival, 2005
CINE Gold Eagle 2005
San Francisco Black Film Festival, 2005
Indiefest, Chicago, 2005
Cleveland Film Festival, 2005
and many others


"Highly Recommended. While this film gives valuable insights into the Liberian Civil War, its greatest value is in the glimpse it offers the viewer into the lives of new migrants to the United States, be they from Africa or anywhere else. It also reminds those of us who have had comfortable middle-class lives in the United States, to count our blessings. The film consists of interviews with Rosevelt and Frances, and frequent glimpses into their lives and those of their family. Both speak English, but it is so heavily accented that subtitles are provided to give clarity to what they are saying. The pace of this film is good, and it is structured in an engaging and informative way." Thomas J. Beck, Auraria Library, University of Colorado at Denver, for EMRO

"An uplifting portrait of dignity under duress." The New York Times
"For heart-wrenching emotional intensity, little tops Roger Weisberg's and Tom Lending's Roosevelt's America...The American dream is more than just a cliche to Rosevelt who perservers through setbacks and disillusion. Don't be surprised if you find yourself fighting back tears while watching this study of a profoundly decent man.
" Kansas City Star


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