Stealing the Fire: The New Nuclear Weapons Underground

This story of international intrigue is especially timely as the world focuses on Iran, North Korea, and the potential atomic weapons of other nations.

Stealing the Fire contains a rare interview with A.Q.Khan, the father of Pakistan's A-bomb and the former head of a network that sold nuclear weapons components to Iran, North Korea, and other countries.

This important film traces an unbroken chain of events and personalities connecting Hitler's atomic bomb program and today's nuclear weapons black market. It follows the trail of Karl-Heinz Schaab, a German technician, who sold Saddam Hussein top secret documents stolen from Germany and traveled to Baghdad numerous times to help Iraq in its then nuclear bomb quest.

Combining interviews, location shots, and historical footage, Stealing the Fire was shot on three continents. It journeys from the boardrooms of Europe to the turbulent cities of Pakistan to the cafes of Brazil. It is a real-life espionage thriller.

A 98 minute version is available at the same price. Call or e-mail if you want the long version.


Berkshire Jewish Film Festival, 2003
HotDocs, Toronto, 2003
Amsterdam International Film Festival, 2002
Human Rights Watch International Film Festival, Centerpiece, 2002
Vancouver International Film Festival, 2002
Nominated, Distinguished Documentary of the Year, IDA, 2002


"The film is timely, chilling and grimly instructive." Christian Science Monitor

Stealing the Fire: The New Nuclear Weapons Underground


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