Tales of Pabuji: A Rajasthani Tradition

This colorful production documents an ancient storytelling tradition still ongoing in northwestern India. It tells the epic of Lord Pabuji whose exploits have been recounted for over 600 years in the princely state of Rajasthan.

The storyteller or Bhopo stands in front of an immense, brilliantly painted cloth called a pard, containing all the characters and events of the legend. He plays on his homemade fiddle, dances, and chants episodes of the epic to his village audience. The performance invokes the power of Pabuji, patron saint of camel herders, to cure illness or benefit a new enterprise for members of the audience.

Using impressionistic animation techniques combined with footage of actual performances, the video shares episodes in Pabuji's charmed life and of the everyday life of the Rebaris of Rajasthan.

Tales of Pabuji is a collaboration of filmmakers, folklorists, and artists who have studied, worked, and traveled in India extensively. It raises questions for discussion of the impact of modern communications technology on time-honored storytelling customs.


Association for Asian Studies, 1998


"The bhopo and his painted mural spring to life. . . Deftly weaves traditional storytelling with state-of-the-art video or DVD."
–Linden E Chuben, Asia Society

"An audience of 75 sat enthralled by Tales of Pabuji at our library symposium on myths."
–Elaine McIlroy, Library director, Wellfleet, Massachusetts


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