What Was SNCC? How Did It Evolve over the Years? Why Did It Cease To Exist?

SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference
Volume 15 - What Was SNCC? How Did It Evolve Over the Years? Why Did It Cease to Exist?

Featured Speaker

Joyce Ladner (Tougaloo College Activist)
Timothy Jenkins (SNCC Executive Committee Member)
Cleveland Sellers (SNCC Program Secretary)
Zohorah Simmons (SNCC Field Secretary)

This panel probes the complex evolution of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee: the radicalizing effect of its style of grassroots organizing, its disillusionment with establishment politics, the attacks on SNCC by former liberal allies and more conservative black civil rights organizations, and the government's COINTELPRO assault. SNCC's own political naiveté is also discussed. Panelists include SNCC Veterans from different eras in the organization's history.

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