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The Academic Video Store, brought to you by Alexander Street, offers thousands of exclusive videos from our imprints Insight Media, Filmakers Library, and Microtraining, and partner institutions, including California Newsreel. We offer a growing collection of high quality educational videos that can be purchased and accessed online as digital streams. Many of our titles are also available as DVDs. The Academic Video Store offers educators and librarians an easy one-stop shop for educational video needs—simply select the titles you want, add them to your shopping cart, and pay with a credit card.

We offer acclaimed and award-winning interdisciplinary documentaries, independent non-fiction films, training and instructional videos, foreign films and shorts, and other educational titles, many of which are exclusively available online through the Academic Video Store. We work with a wide range of publishers, producers, and filmmakers to build our collection, including Asia Pacific Films, Electric Sky, Entertainment One, Global Lens, and the Independent Production Fund. The number of titles available will grow quickly as we add unique titles every month, so check back often!

The Academic Video Store is brought to you by Alexander Street, a publisher of award-winning online collections for scholarly research, teaching, and learning. We also sell editorially curated, discipline-specific video collections to libraries and educational institutions worldwide. Learn more at www.alexanderstreet.com or email  sales@alexanderstreet.com.

For technical requirements and customer support inquiries, please access our FAQ page.

Do you have a film you'd like to make available to educational institutions? We'd like to hear from you. Check out out our guidelines at How to Submit a Film.

We welcome your feedback! Email us your questions and thoughts at marketing@alexanderstreet.com.

About Insight Media

In 2013, we acquired New York City-based Insight Media, the premier source of DVDs in the academic market for more than 20 years. Founded in 1989, Insight brought with them more than 14,000 DVD titles and a team of acquisitions, editorial, and communications experts that continues to contribute to Alexander Street’s growing media archives.

About Filmakers Library

For more than 40 years, Filmakers Library has been a leading source of outstanding films for the education, library, and non-theatrical markets. Now, as an imprint of award-winning online publisher Alexander Street, Filmakers Library is able to offer online streaming access to most of our titles, ensuring that our films receive the greatest possible exposure and accessibility through the most flexible delivery platforms.

Additionally, the multidisciplinary Filmakers Library archive is now available as Filmakers Library Online, a comprehensive resource of educationally-focused streaming video available 24/7 to faculty and students at subscribing institutions worldwide—whenever they want, wherever they are.

Open communication, transparency, and a sincere passion to distribute films we believe in are among our core values—values that guide our working relationships with the hundreds of filmmakers and producers who have found a home at Filmakers Library.

Browse all of the Filmakers Library films here.

About Microtraining Associates

Microtraining Associates has been part of the Alexander Street family since 2010. It was established in 1974 by Dr. Allen Ivey, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and the award-winning originator of the influential microcounseling framework and integrative theory.

Since its inception, Microtraining has fulfilled its mission of providing culturally sensitive, competency-based skills training in counseling and therapy. The company developed some of the profession's first videos focusing on multicultural issues.
Microtraining provides an ever-expanding suite of videos designed to move the discipline toward a more culture-centered awareness and has broken ground in novel areas, including neuroscience and the brain. As the company expands into the full field of psychology expertise, offerings are growing to include videos in individual, group, and community counseling, counseling theory, research, and more.
Many Microtraining titles are available in comprehensive databases for libraries; learn more and request a free trial here: http://alexanderstreet.com/products/counseling-and-therapy
Browse and order streams and DVDs of all Microtraining titles, and download relevant leader guides here:



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